"I've been bringing my dog Garfunkel ("Gar") to Carolina Grooming for many years. I just wanted to give a big thank you to Darrell and the entire staff there. Gar is a black lab/chow mix with A LOT of hair. Darrell has taken such good care of Gar. Not only does he give a great clip, but you can tell he really does care about your dog. He goes above and beyond to make sure all the dogs needs are met. Gar has sensitive paws, but Darrell is the only groomer he will let clip his nails. Also, Gar has on occasion chewed on his skin causing it to get irritated and infected. Darrell treated the area, and helped the spot to heal. I have just recently moved away from the area. I only hope I can find a groomer half as nice, caring, and qualified as the staff at Carolina Grooming. 

Thanks again. I truly appreciated you work."

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